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The technical data of cast iron surface plate and how to purchase

2015-02-06 By jianxin

The technical data of cast iron surface plate and how to purchase?

The technical data of cast iron surface plate:
The Cast iron surface plates are used in various inspection works, for example: the datum plane of precision measurement, inspection of various machine tools, checking the dimensional accuracy and lineation. Cast iron surface plates are widely used in machine tools, machinery manufacture, three coordinate measuring machine, cars, aerospace industry, shipbuilding, motor manufacturing, wind power manufacturing, electronic production and so on.
Cast iron surface plate is the basic working platform of lineation, measurement, wielding and assembling. They are also used for experiment. The production and processing procedure is strict. And sometimes, we need to make adjustment according to the real condition.
The design concept is low down the cost and reaches the best effect. Double-wins between us and our customers are our final goal.
The inspection of surface plate is included three parts: rough, machining and finished products. For the rough is mainly to check is there any defects in appearance and interior; For the machining, to check is there any sand hole, blowhole, crack, shrinkage, clip sand as well as machining errors; for the finished products, is mainly to check the products are qualified to use.

The production processing procedure of Cast iron surface plates:
1. Determine process of cast iron surface plate machining
2. Listed the detailed requirements of every step, following it strictly.

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