What is the operating instruction of welding surface plate

2015-02-06 By jianxin

What is the operating instruction of welding surface plate?
Anti-corrosion method when using welding surface plate:
1. Keep the workshop clean, reduce humidity, dehumidification in summer and in winter when should prevent the rust caused by frost.
2. After finishing the work, coating the parts which the workpieces cover when moving as well as exposed metal parts by anti-rust oil.
Before using, please read the operation instruction carefully in order to increase service life and keep stability.
We need to follow the below steps in daily maintenance:
1. Using cotton cloth, drawknife or Horn scraper clean the anti-rust coating of working surface.
2. In case of any deformation happen when lifting, please using same-length wire rope and moving steady.
3. Keep every support of the welding surface plate bear average force, the whole surface plate is steady.
4. Professional engineer is in charge of adjusting the surface plate until reach qualified precision grade.
5. Please handle the work pieces with care, especially the rough one in case of any bump, and scratch.
6. In order to avoid any deformation happen, after the work finished take down the work pieces.
7. When not in use, we need to clean the working surface, coat rust-proof oils, cover with rust-proof paper and package the surface plates with outer packing in order to protect the surface plates in well condition.
8. Store it in a dry and ventilated place, away from heat source and corrosion of acid-base.
9. Routine check, re-testing period is 6-12 months.

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